The Worlds First International
Pet and Tech Expo

Welcome to Anuzoo, the premier global pet tech event for animal enthusiasts and tech lovers alike. As we gear up for another action-packed year, get ready for an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and fun!

Our vibrant community is dedicated to showcasing the latest in pet care, innovative products, and technology advancements.

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-time attendee, Anuzoo is the perfect platform to connect with like-minded professionals and celebrate our shared passion for animals.

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Shaping the Future

It’s not just about what’s hot right now; it’s about creating the future of pet experiences. We’ve got mind-blowing products and tech that are pushing boundaries. Plus, we’re all about sparking collaborations that scream innovation. We want you to leave with the kind of knowledge that propels you forward. AnuZoo is like the trendsetter of pet care and tech – it’s not just a convention; it’s a whole experience.


AnuZoo isn’t just your regular trade show – it’s like the coolest hangout for pet lovers, tech geeks, vendors, and brands. We’re talking about a space where you can swap ideas, team up on awesome projects, and be part of something big in the pet industry. It’s not just an event; it’s a vibe, bringing people together who share a love for pets and tech.

Who's Coming


Pet Parents






Vet Experts

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Chill Hangouts and Good Vibes

Imagine AnuZoo like the coolest hangout spot. It’s not just business; it’s pleasure too. We’ve got awesome hangouts, cool networking events, and it’s all set against the backdrop of vibrant Las Vegas. Yeah, you heard it right – we’re all about blending the professional with the fun. AnuZoo is where intelligence meets playfulness, and it’s a vibe you won’t want to miss.


01. Trade Show

Meet some of the vendors with cutting edge and industry changing food products, supplements, and pet merchandise


02. Tech Gurus

Technology is merging with the multi-billion dollar pet industry. Hear from our experts on how.


03. Entertainment

Both human and their pets will have a chance to perform and compete in contests and competitions.

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