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As a trade show attendee, get ready for an enchanting journey where you'll discover new and in-demand pet products, snag exclusive discounts, and build countless connections with experts and peers. Immerse yourself in a results-focused educational experience that will keep you at the forefront of industry trends, making AnuZoo the ultimate go-to event for every pet enthusiast attending the trade show.

At AnuZoo, We’re Not Just Hosting A Trade Show; We’re Curating An Experience. Join Us As We Redefine What It Means To Be A Pet Enthusiast In A Tech-Forward World. Let’s Make AnuZoo The Place Where Intelligence And Playfulness Come Together For An Unforgettable Pet Industry Celebration!


Your AnuZoo Pass Gives you All of This...

New Product Showcase

And Now, Introducing The Showstopper – Our New Product Showcase! Feast Your Eyes On The Latest And Greatest Innovations In The Pet Industry. Check Out Our Revolving 4-Column Tile Section, Showcasing Logos That Change Every 5 Seconds. It’s A Visual Treat That Gives You A Sneak Peek Into The Groundbreaking Products That Are Stealing The Spotlight At AnuZoo.

Results-Focused Education:

AnuZoo Is Your Secret Weapon For Business Success! Our Results-Focused Education Program, Led By Industry Experts In Retail, Grooming, And Animal Wellness, Equips Attendees With Essential Skills And Knowledge To Stay On Top In The Digital Age. It’s Not Just About Attending A Trade Show; It’s About Leaving With The Tools To Shape The Future Of Your Pet-Centric Endeavors.